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Usman Mirza arrested from Islamabad after viral video sparks outrage

Islamabad: Police on Tuesday said they have arrested the man identified as Usman Mirza who was seen torturing and harassing a woman in a video that has sparked outrage in Pakistan.

His arrest was confirmed by senior journalist Mubashir Zaidi. Thousands of people expressed outrage after a video of a man and his female companion being tortured and harassed by Usman Mirza surfaced online.


Human rights activist Ammar Ali Jan, while reacting to the viral clip, said, “From top to bottom, our society is run by petty tyrants. Monsters like Usman Mirza are product of a culture in which they know they can commit horrific violence with impunity. Unfortunately, women face the brunt of our system’s brutality.”

Usman Mirza in custody: Picture shared by Islamabad Deputy Commissioner

In the video Usman barges into a room with several men, thrashes the couple, abuses them before removing the clothes of the girl. It was not immediately known whether the girl was sexually assaulted by Usman or his cronies.

Usman Mirza behind the bars

Senator Faisal Subzwari has demanded authorities take action against the culprits and his accomplices. According to Office of the Deputy Commissioner Islamabad the suspect is arrested and the video was shot a few months ago. Usman Mirza or Mirza Usman as identified by some people is the owner of Auto Land which deals in sale and purchase of lands in Islamabad.

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