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USS Theodore Roosvelt: Insider reveals COVID-19 infected sailors lacked proper food, medical care

Writer and activist Jeffery Shaun King on Sunday revealed that nearly 600 crew members of the USS Theodore Roosevelt have contracted the coronavirus.

 According to US media,  USS Theodore Roosevelt’s location is Guam where Navy was evacuating the crew.

Taking to Twitter, he said that he spoke to a crew member aboard the nuclear powered aircraft carrier who said those infected nay personnel were not receiving proper medical care at all.

Quoting the unnamed crew member he further wrote that the affected US navy personnel lack basic supplies and that they are not being they aren’t even being fed properly.

His tweet came shortly before Navy said 80 percent of crew have been evacuated.

“BREAKING: I just spoke to a crew member of the USS Roosevelt. Nearly 600 crew members have contracted the coronavirus. He said that they are not receiving proper medical care at all. Said they aren’t even being fed properly and don’t have even the basic supplies they need,” Shaun King, who have over 1 million followers on Twitter, wrote.

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