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No evidence of blood drinking found against Holy Family Hospital doctor

Islamabad: An inquiry conducted by a high level committee at the Holy Family Hospital has dismissed the allegations against a lady doctor who was accused of drinking human blood at the medical facility.

Dr Shazia, the Medical Superintendent at the hospital, said that Dr Yusra was accused of drinking blood from CP Vile and cannula by the attendant of a patient.

Picture courtesy journalist Israr Rajpoot

Holy Family Hospital’s spokesman Dr Tanveer said that the attendant neither submitted a written complaint nor appeared before the committee.

He said that senior doctor Jahangir Sarver Khan also conducted a separate inquiry and declared the doctor innocent as no evidence was found against her.

Dr Yusra’s father Saqib Hafeez told senior journalist Israr Rajpoot that he sent blood samples of his daughter to a reputable lab which found the results negative.

He said that a medical examination has also declared his daughter mentally fit.

Saqib Hafeez told the Islamabad-based journalist that his daughter is fit for house job.

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