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Video of Bilawal’s slip of tongue goes viral

Hyderabad: Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has lashed out at the federal government for what he said its plans to invoke article 149 of the constitution.

He was addressing a press conference at the Hyderabad Press Club on Thursday, a day after Law Minister Farogh Naseem said that the center has the option of taking Karachi under its direct control by invoking the article.

The minister’s remarks came after months of bickering over the Karachi’s garbage crisis that both the Sindh and local government in metropolis have failed to resolve.

The PPP chairman said his party will not let the government work if it conspires against Sindh .

He accused the government of hatching conspiracy against Sindh and warned that such policies had in the past led to dismemberment of Pakistan.

He said past behaviors led to creation of Bangladesh and if the practice of depriving federating units continue it might lead to creation of Sindh Desh, Pashtoon Desh and Seraiki Desh.

He said the only thing that is holding the country together is its Islamic democratic system.

The PPP chairman said that after usurping the rights of Sindh, the federation now plans to occupy Karachi, the seat of provincial government.

“We will not let the government snatch Sindh’s rights,” he said and called into question Prime Minister Imran Khan’s criticism of his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi over Kashmir.

He said Khan will lose his right to condemn India if he himself commits the same acts against people of smaller federating units.

Shortly after Bilawal Bhutto’s press conference, Information Adviser to the prime minister, Firouse Ashiq Awan rejected the impression that the government intends to occupy Karachi.

She accused Bilawal of playing “Sindh card” and sought to clarify the law minister’s remarks which he said were taken out of context.

While Bilawal came under criticism on social media for talking about further dismemberment of Pakistan, some political activists resorted to below the belt criticism.

Social media and whatsapp groups were flooded with a video of Bilawal Bhutto’s slip of tongue during the press conference.

The footage purported to show Bilawal failing to pronounce the word “Jorh Rakha Hai”as he talked about the democratic system.

Some critics of the PPP chairman has been sharing the video with suggestive remarks while poking fun at Bilawal who is not known for speaking fluent Urdu.

Serious political workers have called out the users for targeting the PPP leader in an inappropriate manner.

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