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Washington Post takes lid off Muna Habib, Richard Olson relationship

Islamabad: Former US ambassador Richard Olson had illicit relationships with multiple Pakistani women during his stint as a diplomat in Islamabad between 2012 and 2015.

Citing court documents, Washington Post reported that among the women Olson dated in Pakistan was journalist Muna Habib.

In the article titled “Diamonds, girlfriends, illicit lobbying: The fall of a former ambassador” the newspaper revealed that Olson arranged thousands of dollars to help Muna Habib attend Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.

Olson introduced the Pakistani reporter to Imaad Zuberi, a Pakistani businessman and former CIA agent, who offered to pay $25,000 to offset her tuition expenses and arrange a $50,000 dollar loan.

Muna ended her relationship with the ambassador in 2014 after learning that he was married.

The newspaper did not reveal names of other Pakistani women who dated the Ambassador Richard Olson.

Muna Habib, a British-Pakistani, was working as a TV reporter when she started dating Olson.

The woman also wrote for Daily Tims, BBC Naya Daur and many other publications.

Some Pakistani social media users wrongfully accused Naya Daur of working in collusion with foreign agents and spies after the Washington Post story surfaced.

PTI workers believe that karma caught up with Muna and Naya Daur because they were critical of Imran Khan.

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