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What has Liaqat Baloch’s son done to deserve mockery?

Lahore: All hell broke loose on Sunday when Liaqat Baloch, the Naib Ameer of the Jamaat-e-Islami shared the news that his son Ahmed Jibran Baloch has completed his PhD from the Toronto University.

While he made clear that his son had received his entire education from Pakistani education institutions before going to Canada, the JI Punjab leader was criticized for sending his son abroad for education.

He was accused of hypocrisy for asking people to send their sons for armed Jihad in Kashmir and Afghanistan and sending his own son abroad for higher education.

His supporters defended Liaqat Baloch and his son, saying there was nothing wrong in JI leader completing his education in Canada.

Some of his supporters also accused “liberals” of hypocrisy and “double standards” for ridiculing Liaqat Baloch for something he should have been praised for.

JI supporters said most of the people who joined Jihad in the past had gone there of their own free will and they also included sons of religious leaders

Islamabad-based journalist Bashir Chaudhry defended Baloch against the unfair criticism, saying Liaqat Baloch was not a cleric as he has done his MA journalism from the Punjab University.He urged the religious leaders to encourage their children to get higher education to rub salt on the wounds of the ‘educated people’ who have criticized Liaqat Baloch and his son.

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