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WhatsApp campaign pitting KP police against army exposed after mosque attack

Peshawar: Authorities are investigating a campaign that seeks to pit the Khyber Paktunkhwa Police against the army and intelligence agencies.

The inquiry began after several police officers of KP police gathered outside the Peshawar Press Club to protest the suicide bombing that targeted the police, killing around 100 people at a mosque.

The police officers chanted slogans against “unknown people”, an obvious reference to the intelligence agencies and the country’s powerful military.

After the protest, it emerged that the policemen were mobilized through a WhatsApp campaign.

Multiple WhatsApp messages encouraged the policemen to resign if their demands are not met.

Meanwhile, it has been reported the PTI government failed to establish Safe City Project ( a network of CCTV cameras) and a Forensic Lab in Peshawar despite ruling the province for a decade.

The samples from the blast site were sent to Lahore’s Scientific Lab for examination.

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