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Why didn’t PM Imran shake hand with Sheikh Rasheed?

Islamabad: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Saturday succeeded in securing the vote of confidence from the National Assembly, days after he was dealt a blow in the Senate election.

National Assembly’s proceeding, a clash between PTI workers and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz leaders was the highlight of the day.

But another incident which didn’t go unnoticed was Imran Khan
ignoring Sheikh Rasheed as he shook hands with his allies in the lower house of the parliament.

While many thought PM must have overlooked the extended hand of his Railways Minister, the politician from Pindi was mocked for being “shown his place” on Twitter.

Commenting on the video, senior TV journalist Rauf Klasra said the prime minister deliberately refused to shake hands with Sheikh Rasheed because he was angry with him.

Corroborting his claims, the anchor said the Prime Minister was livid with the interior minister for his non-serious approach towards the Senate contest between PTI candidate Abdul Hafeez Sheikh and former Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani.

Klasra said when the prime minister had discussed the Senate election and highlighted the importance of the contest on Islamabad’s seat during a cabinet meeting, Sheikh Rasheed dismissed his concerns with his usual style and rhetoric.

The journalist further said that Sheikh Rasheed’s ministry is in serious danger because the prime minister had started doubting his ability to understand the issues and his political acumen.

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