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YouTube disrupted during Imran Khan’s speech

Islamabad: Netblocks, an organization tracking network disruptions and shutdowns, has confirmed that YouTube services were disrupted in Pakistan during former prime minister Imran Khan’s speech on Sunday.

The organization said, “Real-time network data show the disruption in effect on some but not all mobile and fixed-line internet providers in Pakistan during the live-streamed speech.” It said access was restored after the speech concluded.It said the study is taken from a sample size of 100 measurements from 14 vantage points across Pakistan.

Reports about a ban on YouTube started circulating in Pakiatan as Khan addressed a rally in Rawalpindi.

YouTube users in several areas of the country complained that they were unable to access the website.

While some people said YouTube link was down, others said the video sharing website was blocked in Pakistan.

Official sources said that there was no ban on YouTube in the country.

They said it was possible that users were unable to access the website due to disruption in the internet services.

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