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Zulfi Bukhari says Bushra Bibi audio leak attempt to hurt families

Islamabad: PTI leader Zulfi Bukhari said that a an alleged leaked audio of his conversation with Bushra Bibi is a futile attempt to hurt families.

Bukhari offered to bear the expenses to conduct a forensic test of the audio which he said would prove it fake.

“Poor editing job, (Worse than the last one) as I said previously. I am willing to pay for the forensics.Going below the belt on these fake audios is something that only a characterless person or regime could do,” he said.

The alleged leaked audio contains an intimate conversation between a man and woman, with PTI opponents saying they are Bushra Bibi, Imran Khan’s wife, and Zulfi Bukhari.

PTI supporters, however, believe that the audio is fake.

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