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‘Pakistan can destroy India multiple times even if New Delhi launches first nuclear strike’

Islamabad: Indian Defence Minister last week triggered a new debate on use of nuclear weapons amid a crisis in Occupied Kashmir which has escalated tensions between New Delhi and Islamabad.

Rajnath Singh said India currently has a “no first use policy” on nuclear weapons but it may change in the future.

” Till today, our nuclear policy is ‘No First Use’. What happens in future depends on the circumstances,” he said while speaking at at an event in Pokhran on Friday.

Following his statement, Pakistan has called on international community to take India’s nuclear threats.

Pakistani media has since been discussing the issue and the consequences if India changes its nuclear policy.

In one such debate on a local TV channel on Tuesday, Lt. Gen Naeem Khalid Lodhi, a defence analyst, said Pakistan is a responsible state where nobody even talk about use of nuclear weapons.

He said now that India has hurled a threat at Pakistan, he would like to reassure Pakistanis that their country has second strike capability.

While elaborating further he said by second strike he meant if India uses nuclear weapons against Pakistan to destroy its nuclear arsenal, the Islamic Republic will still have enough weapons left to destroy India multiple times.

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