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Asia Cup Super Four: Possibility of Rain During Pakistan vs. India Match

Asia Cup 2023, the highly anticipated traditional clash between Pakistan and India in the Super Four stage, scheduled for Sunday, may face disruption due to rainfall, potentially leading to disappointment among fans.

It’s worth noting that the match between India and Pakistan on September 2 ended in a no-result due to rain. During this high-stakes encounter, the national team managed to score 266 runs while batting, but Pakistan did not have the opportunity to bat.

The upcoming match on Sunday, set for September 10 at 2:30 PM local time in Colombo, is currently on the schedule. However, AccuWeather has provided a weather forecast that indicates sunny conditions during the day, with increasing cloud cover later in the day and rain, especially in the evening.

AccuWeather predicts a 90% chance of daytime rain, with a 54% chance of thunderstorms and rain.

During the nighttime, temperatures are expected to drop by up to 5 degrees as clouds roll in, with the possibility of rain accompanied by thunder and lightning.

AccuWeather’s forecast indicates a 96% chance of nighttime rain, with a 58% chance of rain combined with thunder and lightning.

Another weather agency, World Weather Online, has suggested that there might be light rain during the day at Colombo’s Premadasa International Cricket Stadium, the venue for the high-voltage match.

According to this agency, there’s a possibility of light rain in the morning and around midday, with an 82% chance of 0.3 millimeters of rain just before the match begins, based on local time.

Additionally, the agency has pointed out that there could be intermittent spells of moderate rain throughout the day.

As per Weather.com, there’s a 93% likelihood of rain during the daytime and a 97% chance of nighttime rain, with thunder and lightning anticipated throughout the day. Temperature-wise, the range is expected to be between 25 and 29 degrees Celsius.

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