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‘Go Kraken’: When Mayor Jenny leaked Seattle hockey team name

Jenny Durkan, the 56th Mayor of Seattle appeared to leak Seattle hockey team name in April last year when she cheered for the team on Twitter.

“It’s going to be so fun watching @NHLSeattle,” she wrote on Twitter on April, 11, 2019 as se shared a link to a website to watch the match.

Her tweet was accompanied by hashtag trend #bringthestanleycuphome and #goKraken”. At the time her critics said she had been pushing for Kraken for a while and the name she dropped was not a leak so much as advocacy.

More than a year after the mayor “leaked” the name, it was confirmed on July 23, 2020 that Seattle’s Hockey Team has been named “KARAKEN.

While most of the fans were loving the new name, others criticized the decision to choose Karaken as a new name for the team.

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