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Mason Greenwood targeted in transphobic tweets

Mason Greenwood fans have defended him against social media hate campaign which started after the footballer was accused of appearing in an inappropriate video.

While it was clearly visible that the man in the video was not the Manchester United forward, some people still chose to target him.

Some of the fans were of the view that haters were more offended by the presence of a trans woman in the video than the fact that it featured Mason Greenwood.

“Although it’s extremely unlikely the girl in the video is trans, if she is trans and you are actually bothered by the fact Mason Greenwood slept with her, you are a transphobic freak. You shouldn’t care about his life outside of football, it’s his business no one else’s,” said one of his supporters.

Another said, “So the people mocking Mason Greenwood in a clearly fake video are basically outing themselves as transphobes on the Internet… This poor kid already getting ruined about his personal life before he hits his 20s. This is why the English never perform to their capabilities.

Other users lamented that the tweets against the footballer were sign that transphobia was on the rise.

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