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PCB decides to introduce Rahul Dravid model

LAHORE: The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has decided to introduce “Rahul Dravid model” at the junior level cricket as part of its cricket reforms.

Senior sports journalist Abdul Majid Bhatti writes that the PCB is working on a plan under which “a great cricketer from the past” would be appointed as the coach for youngsters.

Dravid is currently serving as coach of India’s Under 19 team.

Under Dravid Model, Bhatti says the players would be required to attend English language classes and learn discipline, eating and dressing manners.

Special classes would be arranged at the National Acadmey under the new plan.

The veteran journalist writes that for the last few years it has become norm to appoint a new coach for each series.

He says Mansoor Rana, head coach of under 19 team, has been reduced to distributing daily allowances and media handling for Pakistan team.

PCB Chief Ehsan Mani conceded that Mickey Arthur worked hard for betterment of Pakistan team. He rejects the impression that the Pakistan players find it hard to communicate with foreign coaches.

“We should have prepared our own coaches while working with foreign coaches, but unfortunalyely we didn’t do that,” Bhatti quotes Mani as saying.

Mani said one of the significant points of the PCB’s reforms agenda was to bring in big players like Rahul Dravid who could adopt Indian player’s model for coaching the junior players.

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