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Peshawar Zalmi PSL video: Aussie Journo cracks joke, says he thought it showed huge phallus

Peshawar Zalmi revealed its PSL video for the fourth edition of the T20 tournament earlier this month and it instantly became the subject of trolling by none other than Australian sports journalist Dennis Freedman.

Posted on franchise’s official Twitter account on Feb 16, the video shows a storm brewing as folks look up and see ominous dark clouds looming.

As the people looked in horror anticipating a storm, the dark clouds turned into a fast bowler in the sky.

Freedman, however, saw something else shaped in the sky.  He  retweeted the video with a funny caption which might have offended Zalmi fans.  “This is Kinda cool, although when the bowler first appears from the clouds, I thought it was a giant penis,” he wrote.


Dennis Freedman is arguably the most favorite foreign sports journalist in Pakistan.

One can argue that the Aussie is supported by Pakistani cricket fans because he just can’t help trolling Indian cricketers and their fans but it is not entirely true.

He is a man with great sense of humor and capable of cracking hilarious jokes. Often criticized by Indian cricket fans for his relentless trolling, the journalist has on many occasions clarified that he never means to hurt people’s sentiments.

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