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Surf star Blaze Roberts hacked

Facebook owned Instagram has been criticized by Australian surf influencer Blaze Roberts for allowing hackers to hijack her account.

The athelete says she received an email that asked her to verify her Instagram account before her social media account was flooded with sexually explicit photos.

Blaze Roberts told a publication that by the time she regained control of her email account her sent messages folder was showing photos of the hackers. She was yet to recover her Instagram account.

According to reports she was duped by following a procedure which Instagram uses to confirm identities of the people. The websites asks users to send a photo of themselves to security team holding a piece of paper with code they have been asked to write down.

“For some reason Instagram didn’t think it was concerning that three people had sent them different photos,” Roberts told a local newspaper while answering a question.

Blaze is followed by over 4000 people on Instagram

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