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Wasim Akram apologizes to boxer Wasim on behalf of Pakistan-Here is why

Former Pakistan captain Wasim Akram on Sunday apologised to boxing champion Muhammad Waseem on behalf of Pakistan after it was reported that no government official or supporter had received the boxer at the air port as he returned to the country after a successful tour.

The matter came into Wasim Akram’s notice when he apparently saw a tweet from the boxer who had responded to an online article lamenting the behavior of government officials and supporters who remained indifferent upon the boxer’s return despite the fact that he had dedicated his victory to the people of Kashmir.

According to reports, Muhammad Wasim returned to Pakistan after winning a Professional Bout in Dubai. He hailed a taxi at the airport to get back home as no official was at the airport to welcome him.

Although the boxer had no complaints and made it clear that “Im not fighting to get istaqbals at the airport. Im fighting so that Pakistan gets good Istaqbal all over the world. Every fight, every camp, every training, every tour, is another opportunity for me to show the boxing world the world class boxing talent Pakistan has”, the former cricket great found it disappointing,

while apologising to the boxer, Wasim Akram reassured him ” I am picking you up from the airport next time myslef. Massive congratulations on the win”.

“Sometimes we as a country need to be smacked on the face with the fist of reality to wake us up and remind us how we should be treating our heroes.

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