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Fact-check: Video of ‘Texas Dam collapse’

A video captioned “Texas dam collapse” has gone viral on the Internet.

The incident took place at Lake Dunlap New Braunfels , but it was not a dam collapse.

The video was actually released by Gaudalupe-Blanco River Authority.

According to abc13 spillgate of the dam collapsed on Tuesday morning inundating vast area downstream.

The video shows the moment the dam failed.

May people shared the video with dramatic and in some cases misleading captions calling it a dam collapse.

Boats of multiple people were stranded after what authorities called middle spillgate fail.

“GBRA experienced a spillgate failure at Lake Dunlap this morning. The lake is expected to drain late this afternoon. The peak river flow has subsided however, stakeholders & recreationalists downstream should continue to exercise extreme caution as water flows will remain brisk,” said a statement by GBRA posted on Twitter.

Turns out that it was not “Texas Dam collapse” as many users called it on social media. It was an incident of spillgate failture which was taken care of by the authorities concerned.

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