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FashionValet’s Vivy Yusof criticized for “viral video publicity stunt”

Jakarta: A purported leaked video from FashionValet clothing boutique has gone viral over the Internet.

FashionValet is a multi-million dollar company with 150 employees and carrying 500 fashion brands. It has offices and warehouses in Malaysia, Jakarta and Singapore, and ships parcels daily to customers all over the world.

It is owned by renowned entrepreneur Vivy Yusof, the co-founder of FashionValet and The dUCk Group. Vivy is a blogging veteran of 10 years who has been sharing insights about her life and entrepreneurial journey through her personal blog.

The video being circulated on Twitter shows a woman customer having an argument with the staff and seems completely unsatisfied with the services offered by the boutique.

Twitter users were criticizing Fashion Valet for the way the customer was treated saying the video can damage its reputation.

Others though that clip was a publicity stunt saying bad publicity is still publicity.

Many others called out Vivy, saying can do batter than coming up with such publicity.

The video also showed multiple people filming the incident on their mobile phone cameras.

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