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‘He tries to touch me’: Sargodha University student accuses teacher of sexual harassment

SARGODHA :A female student of Sargodha University has come forward with what she said video evidence of sexual harassment which she faced at the hands of her teacher at the Bhakkar Campus.

The woman wearing a full face veil who chose not to identify herself released an undated video which was shared by former National Assembly Member Irum Azeem Farooque on Twitter.

The woman after introducing herself as a student of Mathematics Department accused Sajid Iqbal of seeking sexual favours.

“I am a student of Sargodha University’s Bhakkar Campus. My only fault is that I am daughter of a respectable man. My head of department whose name is Sajid Iqbal has been humiliating me for two years now.   

He calls me to his office during class timing. He asks me to sit close to him and tries to touch me,” she says in the video.

“He has tried to lure me by offering to show me the examination papers before the exam. It is not just me, several other female students have become his victim”

“But it is me who have decided to raise my voice against him and that’s why he is punishing me,” she says without elaborating.

“I request you to become my voice and support me,” the student says before showing the part of video  which purports to show a man asking her to come close.

“Come closer, nothing will happen,” the man is heard saying in the video after a female voice refuse to accept his demand.

The student asks people to share the video and act before a girl like her decides to commit suicide.

On February 14, website of the widely circulated English Daily The News carried a story run by the Associated Press of Pakistan which stated that police in Bhakkar have registered a case against a professor of University of Sargodha Campus for allegedly harassing a female student.

Quoting the police sources , the report stated that Shanze Komal, a student of Math Department  alleged in her video  message that Dr Sajid Iqbal was harassing her.

 The  police said they have registered a case on the complaint of student’s father against the professor.

The girl doesn’t mention the police case in the video message which means it was recorded before the registration of case.

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