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‘Jaan Abi Nahi’ video: Social media users at it again

Now that the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has confirmed that the woman seen in a widely circulated lewd video is not Fatima Sohail– anchor and former wife of Mohsin Abbas Haider–folks obsessed with such content are after something new.

The buzz around the “Fatima Sohail’s video” was so much that her family had to approach the agency to have it removed.

The hype was created by some misleading captions that circulated along with the video.

The investigating authorities, however, stated that the woman in the video had a resemblance to the anchor but she is not Fatima Sohail.

Social media and Whatsapp users are now circulating the same video for fun with the caption that reads “Jaan Abhi Nahi”. But they seem to have zero realization that by spreading the video they might end up creating a serious problem for the couple involved.

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