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Victoria’s Secret ‘Karen’ Abigail Elphick sparks memes after harassing Ijeoma Ukenta

Victoria’s Secret viral video on Thursday took the internet by storm as it showed a black woman Ijeoma Ukenta being was allegedly harassed by a white woman Abigail Elphick while visiting a Victoria’s Secret in a New Jersey Store.

Ukenta has raised more than $100,000 on GoFundMe to hire an attorney after being chased by the so-called Victoria’s Secret Karen”.

Victoria’s Secret Twitter account released a statement about the incident. It referred to it as an “altercation between our customers” and called the video “unsettling.” In the post, the clothing company added that it had “initiated a full investigation” into the matter.

Social media users are mocking Abigail Elphick for her actions.

Here’s is a collection of reacctions:

Some people have called out TikTok for banning the black woman who had posted the video on the platform.

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