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WATCH: PMLN leader says only one Imran Khan is born in a century

KARACHI: Muhammad Zubair, a senior leader of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz surprised PTI supporters with his remarks about Prime Minister Imran Khan during a TV show on Thursday.

The former Sindh governor and the brother of Finance Minister Asad Umar was invited at the Hum News morning show where anchors asked him what will he do if he wakes up in the morning and realize that he has become Imran Khan.

“First thing, I can’t become Imran Khan. There is 22 years of Imran Khan’s hard work. I mean you have to give him credit for all of that struggle. And only one Imran comes in a century, and that is also a reality. From sports. . . and the kind of sportsman who won the World Cup, and not only the World Cup, he was also a great cricketer. So I don’t think that I can ever become Imran Khan,” said Muhammad Zubair.

When the hosts asked whether he would join the PTI if Imran Khan asks him to do so his answer was in negative.

“See there is difference of Ideology. That is very important. In Pakistan’s politics, you know, there are a few people who stick to one party. And I think one should remain loyal to one party,” Muhammad Zubair said.

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