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‘404’ web error named after PIA flight that was ‘Not Found’ in 1989?

Islamabad; “404 Page Not Found” is one of the most common errors on the web that indicates that the page or resource you’re looking for can’t be found. This usually means that it’s been deleted or moved.

Many people belive that error 404 was named after a room at CERN (European Organization of Nuclear Research) where the original web servers were located.

These speuclations were later rejected by an expert TOM S. who said that he couldn’t find Room 404 when he visited CERN.

Many internet users in Pakistan are convinced that Error 404 is named after flight 404 which went missing on August 25 with 54 people on board a plane operated by the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), the national flag carrier of the nuclear armed nation.

Flight PK-404 took off from Gilgit for Islamabad and was believed to have crashed in the mountainous region. No survivors or debris of the plane was found.

The internet users in the South Asian country think that the flight 404 disappeared in 1989 around the time when the world wide web (WWW) was invented.

The Pakistani authorities failed to find any clue of the plane during a search that continued for a month. The airline ended its search operation with an announcement that “flight 404 not found” and the news dominated the world for many days.

Pakistani users believe that these were the same days when the internet protocols and codes were being defined by experts. They think that it was possible that “flight 404 not found” statement by the Pakistani authorities was used by experts for the error after repeatedly watching or reading the news about the ill-fated Pakistani passenger aircraft for several days.

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