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Afghan Taliban issue statement on Kashmir

Kabul; Afghan Taliban on Thursday urged both Pakistan and Indian to refrain from taking steps that could pave a way for violence and complications in the region and usurp the rights of Kashmiris.

‘Reports are being published that India has revoked the autonomous status of Kashmir, sent additional troops, imposed a state of emergency and created difficulties and hardships for the resident Muslim population,” said a statement issued by Taliban.

The Taliban said the they express deep sadness on situation in Kashmir.

“Having gained bitter experiences from war and conflict, we urge peace and use of rational pathways to solve regional issues,” said the statement.

They insurgent group called on both involved parties, OIC, Islamic countries, the United Nations and other influential institutions to play a constructive role in preventing insecurity in Kashmir.

Taliban asked them to use their influence and encourage both sides to prevent the spread of crisis and resolve the issue in a calm and composed manner.


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