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Ahmed Deedat’s son Youssef Deedat shot in South Africa

Durban: An unknown gunman on Thursday shot and injured Youssef Deedat, the son of renowned South African Islamic scholar Ahmed Deedat.

According to local media, the 65-year-old community activist was targeted by a gunman outside Verulam Family Court in Durban city in South Africa.

Youssef who was accompanied by his wife at the time of the attack sustained a bullet injury in his head and was rushed to a nearby hospital where he was said to be in critical condition.

Police said they have launched an investigation into the assassination attempt , adding that the attacker had managed to flee on his car after attacking Youssef Deedat.

Motive of the attack was also not immediately known. The attack on Deedat sparked outrage on social media, with Muslim followers of Youssef Deedat’s father condemning the assassination attempt.

Sheikh Ahmed Deedat known for his interfaith public debates died in 2005.

His son Youssef Deedat is also held in high regard by the local community for his services for the people of of Durban.

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