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BBC says Modi can’t rely on Indian military to punish Pakistan swiftly and bloodlessly

ISLAMABAD: BBC on Friday wrote that Pakistan has demonstrated its capability that it can match India and if New Delhi desires to escalate the punishment to a level that Pakistan cannot match, it will require more than what it has shown so far.

The report said decades of neglect and under-funding have hallowed out Indian military to the extent where Narendra Modi cannot rely on it to punish Islamabad swiftly and bloodlessly.

In an article titled “Narendra Modi v Imran Khan: Who won the war of perception”, Soutik Biswa wrote Modi’s remarks that “”pilot project had been completed” and “now we have to make it real” were called “cocky and tasteless” .

On the other hand, the BBC reported, a former Indian diplomat and strategic affairs expert KC Singh said ” Mr Modi’s BJP and the Indian establishment “will be stranded by Imran Khan’s diplomatic reverse swing”.

The New York Times

After Abhinandan Varthanman was returned to Indian officials, The New York Times wrote “Pakistan released the Indian pilot it had captured, capping a humiliating episode for India and a surreal week for him”.

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