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BJP leader Nupur Sharma asked to go to Pakistan if India is not safe

New Delhi: BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma has been suspended after her inflammatory remarks against Prophet Muhammad.

After receiving backlash from Muslims and secular Indians, Sharma requested media houses not to make her address public. “There is a security threat to my family,”she said in a Twitter post.

The BJP leader received thousands of replies on her tweet but one of them has gone viral.

Pramit, a film critic, asked Nupur Sharma, “Please don’t malign India’s image like this! India is safest country in the world.If you are feelings threatened, please go to any other country. BjP IT cells keep recommending Pakistan.Go there.”

The screenshot of Pramit’s sarcastic reply went viral on social media, with some critics suggesting she should take asylum in Afghanistan.

The reason Pramit’s reply got traction was many saw it as a befitting response to someone whose supporters are quick to ask people to migrate to Pakistan if they talk about growing intolerance in India.

Actors like Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan were also asked to go to Pakistan in the past.

Majority of Indians including Muslims, Christians and Hindus have condemned Nupur Sharma”s remarks against the Prophet of Islam on TV.

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