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Can America deport Prince Harry?

Prince Harry, who has renounced his position in the British royal family, has been in the media spotlight lately due to his insights shared during an online therapy session with Dr. Gabour Mate.

According to international media reports, Prince Harry could be at risk of being barred from entering the United States due to comments made during the online therapy session about taking drugs.

Since this online therapy session, Prince Harry, who is campaigning against drug use, has faced harsh criticism and been accused of sending a worrying message to young people.

British journalist Piers Morgan criticized Prince Harry, saying that if this were an anti-drug campaign, it would definitely be the old Prince Harry that we all know.

He said that the use of drugs by people from other countries is dealt with harshly in the United States, and that is why we do not want to see Harry during the coronation of British King Charles III, as it could also harm us.

He added that Prince Harry had previously criticized the royal family in his book, but felt that perhaps his message had not yet reached the world, which is why he tried to prove during the online therapy session that he is the world’s most persecuted person.

Morgan warned that if America decides to take action against Prince Harry, it could be a big problem for him and could have serious consequences for him and his family.

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