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Coronavirus: Two New York City Police Department agents die of COVID-19

The New York City Police Department (NYPD) on Monday mourned the death of tow of its officers due to coronavirus in the United States’ worst COVID-19 hit city.

The NYPD’s official Twitter account said that two of the department’s officers died from coronavirus.

One of them identified as Agent Sabrina Jefferson was assigned to Patrol Borough Queen South School Saftey, According to the NYPD she died on Sunday of complications from coronavirus.

“School Safety Agent Jefferson became a member of the NYPD on February 9, 1994,” the tweet read.

The second officer to lose his life to the contagion was Senior Police Administrative Aide Gwendolyn King. who died on Monday. He was assigned to Police Service Area 3.

“We are awaiting test results. SPAA King became a member of the NYPD on July 25, 1994,” the NYPT said on Twitter.

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