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Death on the missing Titanic submarine

Millions of people are praying for the safety of the five people on board the Titanic submarine.

As the rescuers searched for the OceanGate’s Titan submersible, people expressed hope that they would soon get the good news about the recovery of the vessel that went missing on Sunday.

With chances of survival growing slim for the passengers on board, a large number of people seemed to lose hope by Wednesday knowing that as oxygen supplies could run out on Thursday.

Some people have already started discussing what would the passengers of the submersible be thinking in their final moments.

A social media user wondered whether the passengers would survive to know how much efforts went in to rescue them.

Another user wrote, “It’s disturbing to say the least. I think it triggers a very primal feeling of being trapped and doomed. I am imagining the despair that must have set in and panic they must have felt. And the hopelessness that would eventual take hold.What would they even be doing? Would they talk? There are so many things that are awful about this situation.”

Two reddit users expressed their views on how they think final moments of the passengers would be like:

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