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DV Lottery winners ask President Biden to keep his promise

Washington: Days before the results for DV Lottery (Diversity Visa) are announced, those who were impacted by former president Donald Trump’s “Muslim ban” are demanding President Joe Biden keep his promise.

They said they were deprived of a life time chance to legally obtain the Green Card.

“Keep your Promise America. Please Resolve the challenge of the 2017-2020 #DVlottery Winners of the American Diversity Visa Program. Previous admins deprived us a life time chance to legally obtain the GreenCard, & still “statutorily barred” till this second,” wrote a Twitter user.

A journalist reminded the president of his stance on immigration and shared a copy of his statement on Twitter.

Another Twitter user said, “We kindly request President and the Vice President to urge embassies to implement this EO’s provisions to fairly review DV Lottery selectees between 2017 and 2021 which got refused and suffered the most damage.

Apart from the above mentioned calls, Twitter was flooded with requests from DV Lottery winners who have been affected either by Trump’s policies or the coronavirus pandemic.

The US administration has remained tight lipped over the demands being made by those who want to permanently settled in the United States after winning the DV lottery.

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