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Has China found a cure for coronavirus? Here’s the answer

The coronavirus pandemic has killed over 50,000 people and infected over million others across the globe since it first emerged in Chinese city of Wuhan earlier this year.

US, Spain and Italy have now surpassed China in terms of infections and deaths caused by the novel corornavirus also known as COVID-19.

As the virus sweeps Europe and America, normalcy is returning in China. although coupled with fears of resurgence of COVID-19.

Frightened by the disease disease, many Europeans and US citizens are wondering online whether China has found a cure for coronavirus.

It’s not correct. Neither China nor any other country has found any cure for coronavirus.

AS the rest of the world looked towards China as a window, CNN on Thursday claimed that China hid the actual number of people killed or infected by the virus.

For those wondering whether China has found cure for the virus, there is still no vaccine available to treat the affected people.

The only reason life is returning to normality o China it is only because the Asian giant prevented the spread of the virus by forcing people to stay at homes and conduct as many tests as possible.

People can help their government only by means of staying at their homes so that health systems are stopped from collapsing.

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