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IAF airstrikes in Pakistan: Balakot or Bala Kote?

KARACHI :Indian Air Force on Tuesday carried out airstrikes across the Line of Control inside Pakistan in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s Balakot area.

Earlier there was a confusion on whether the Indian Air Force dropped bombs near LoC in Poonch Sector’s Bala Kote area.

There is a distance of some 139 Km between Balakot and Bala Kore.

The Indians claim they have killed 200 to 300 Jaishe Muhammad militants in the airstrikes, a claim Islamabad has denied.

Meanwhile, Indian Defence Secretary Vijay Gokhale failed to corroborate the claims made by the IAF about killing of hundreds of militants.

He seemed to cause further confusion with his press conference which was supposed to make things clear. He read out a written statement and refused to take questions.

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