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India: Mob kills Christian man, injures three for skinning a dead cow

New Delhi: A mob killed a man and injured three others when the victims were  skinning a dead cow, according to police.

The police said the incident took place in  Jharkhand state on Thursday when a group of Chirstian men was attacked by extremist Hindu vigilantes.

AFP reported that the Chirstians were skinning a dead ox when the mobe attacked them with iron rods and sticks.

The police said the three men injured in the assault were shifted to a hospital, addin that they have arrested two people in connection with attack.

The latest incident happened in the eastern state of Jharkhand late on Thursday when men from a local Christian community were skinning the carcass of an ox in a field.

“So far the investigation has showed the ox died naturally. We are doing a thorough probe,” AFP news agency quoted te police as saying.

Citing a Human Right Watch report, the news agency reported that as many as 44 people died in cow-related violence between May 2015 and December last year by Hindu vigilantes, the

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