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India, Pakistan war will eliminate 90 percent world population

Last week a suicide bomber killed over 40 Indian soldiers in Kashmir’s Pulwama. Ever since the attack took place, a section of Indian media and politicians have accused Pakistan of being behind the attack and demanded their government avenge the killings of paramilitary soldiers.

Pakistan has rejected the allegations and days after the attack Prime Minister Imran Khan asked India to come to the negotiating table.

He said there is no military solution to an issue like Kashmir and cited Afghan war as an example where the United State has finally decided to hold talks with the Taliban in order to end the war.

Khan also warned Indian against any misadventure and said Pakistan would respond to any aggression.

Hawks in Indian media and politics are demanding their government to launch punitive action against Pakistan ignoring the fact any such move could trigger a war between the two nuclear armed nations.

The war between the two countries would not only wipe out millions of people in both the countries, but it will also affect the entire world.

Here is how the war between  India and Pakistan will affect the world

“In the “War between Pakistan and India, two of the smallest nuclear powers with only a few hundreds of weapons about the size of Hiroshima bomb, we might die as unintended consequences.

The spread of smoke after the war between India and Pakistan has been calculated and it is expected to take about only two weeks for smoke to cover the entire earth.

It would rise to altitude between 20 and 50 miles above the surface. At those altitudes it never rains. The smoke will stay there for years.

A farmer maybe in Europe, or in the United States, but many thousands of miles from Pakistan and India is looking at the smoky sky above him and down at the crops, that have died in his field due to lack of light and cold temperature.

It is estimated that the war between India and Pakistan we would lose 10 to 40 percent of yield of corn, wheat and rice.

For years after war because of the bad weather, the world has only enough food to feed population for 60 days unless agriculture produces more food.

One to two billion people will die after a war between India and Pakistan of starvation.

And after a fourth scale nuclear war temperatures would plunge below ice age and we would be in a nuclear winter where no crops would grow.

It is estimated that 90 percent of the population of the planet will starve to death and civilizations would be destroyed.

And no one would be safe. Not even those in the countries with no nuclear weapons. Not those in countries who didn’t participate in the war and not those on the other side of the planet where the explosions occurred. No one will be safe.

The text above is taken from a video in which an expert spoke about consequences of the war between Pakistan and India. It is being published with the purpose to inform the people in layman terms what is going to happen in case of a war between our countries.   

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