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India: ‘Supernatural creature on bridge’ video fact-checked

A viral video of a ‘supernatural creature’ walking on a bridge has instilled fear among Indians and others who have seen it on social media.

The video, recorded in Hazaribagh district of the eastern Indian state of Jharkand, has turned out to be a video of a naked woman walking on a bridge. Local police were still probing the matter as the video spread like a wild fire on social media and WhatsApp groups.

Check out the vide:

The mystery behind the video was solved by Alt News, an Indian non-profit fact-checking website.

According to an article titled “Truth about viral video of ‘alien/ ghost’ spotted on a highway in Jharkhand”, Alt News reported, while quoting journalist Saurav Anurag from Hazaribagh as saying: “This video is from Seraikela, not Hazaribagh. The person who recorded the video gave a live interview to a local news outlet where he disclosed the location and time of recording. The original video is about 1:30 minutes long and the viral clip runs for 30 seconds.”

The journalist said,”While the place has been identified as a bridge near Chadwa Dam in Hazaribagh, he visited the bridge and the one in the video is completely different. “The bridge near Chadwa Dam is all black (asphalt) and not cemented (concrete) as seen in the video. The incident took place in Seraikela located in Kharsawan district,” he added.”

According to Alt News report, the video does not show an alien, ghost or UFO.

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