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India’s MiG21 can beat Lockheed’s F-16, Russian propaganda tells Indians to boost aircraft sales

In a bid to pave way for Russia’s MiG Aircraft Corporation to bag a multi-billion tender for purchase of over 100 fighter jets, a government run Russian propaganda website is convincing Indians that 60 years old MiG21 have actually downed US state of the art fourth generation F-16 of Lockheed Martin.

Although the Indian military has failed to provide even a single piece of proof to corroborate their claim that they brought down the Pakistani F-16 over Occupied Kashmir, media anchors with no knowledge of defence production have done everything in their capacity to make people believe the story.

Pakistan denies using F-16 in their retalioatory action against New Delhi which saw two Indian aircraft downed, with one of the pilots landing in Pakistan Army’s custody.

Sputnik recently published a ridiculous oped which seemed more of an advertisement for Russia’s MiG Aircraft Corporation than an informative piece.

The author chose to take the Indian military’s statement of down the Pakistan F-16 face value.

“India started the process to purchase 114 fighter jets under the Strategic Partnership program in 2018 and six foreign firms had responded to the request for information. Global fighter manufacturers Boeing and Lockheed Martin of the US, Dassault Aviation of France, European consortium Eurofighter, Saab of Sweden and United Aircraft Corporation of Russia submitted their responses in July 2018, while the MiG-35 later joined the race, ” the article said.

Then the author went on to quote Russian manufacturer’s claim that the company does not have any competition in the this sphere as MiG-35 was the most up-to-date aircraft in the world.

At a press conference on Wednesday, Indian military leaders failed to answer questions regarding the downing of F-16.

Even Indian experts have rejected the claims.

While Indian government and media seem hands in gloves in spreading war hysteria ahead of election, Pakistan on the other hand has not only showed evidence of shooting down Indian plane, it also detained a pilot on Wednesday.

However, on Thursday Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan announced to release the pilot identified as Abhinandan Varthaman as a peace gesture as party of Islamabad’s efforts to defuse the tensions between the two nuclear armed nations.

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