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Is Stephen Miller Jewish?

Washington: Stephen Miller ,also known as one of an architects of Donald Trump’s presidency, has found himself in the eye of a storm after his emails sent to Breitbart News in 2015 and 2016 were leaked.

The leaked emails showcase the extremist, anti-immigrant ideology that provide the firms basis for the policies he helped create.

He has appeared as a man who advocated for a an executive order banning immigration from five Muslim-majority countries.

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These polcies also include family separation at refugee resettlement facilities whichi health officials said is causing “intense trauma” in children.

The leaked emails seen by Hatwatch revealed that Stephen Miller was inspired by racist source material including while nationalist websites, “white genocide” themed novel in which Indian men rape white women, xenophobic conspiracy theories and eugenics-era immigration laws that Adolf Hitler lauded in “Mein Kampf.”

Hatewatch has reportedly reviwed more than 900 leaked emails sent to Breibart editors from March, 4 2015 to June 27 2016.

The leaks show Miller shared link from white nationlaist website VDARE to Breitbart and also suggest they write about “The Camp of the Saints”, a racist French novel by Jean Raspail.

After coming across the horrible world views of the Trump Adviser following the leaks and unable to come to term with the shocking revelations about a person of Miller’s position, some people started wondering about his origin and religious beliefs.

Born in 1985, Miller is the second of three children in the Jewish family of Michael D. Miller, a real estate investor, and Miriam. He grew up in Santa Monica, California

As a speechwriter for Trump, Miller helped write Trump’s inaugural address. He has been a key adviser since the early days of Trump’s presidency.

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