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Jenni Hermoso remains defiant after vile attacks over picture with brother

Jenni Hermoso has refused to cow down after she was intimidated by thousands of people who chose to take sides with former Spanish soccer chief Luis Rubiales over his controversial kiss.

A large number of Instagram users picked Jenni’s picture with her brother to launch disgusting attacks against her.

In the picture shared on July 4, the footballer wished her brother on his birthday.

Those offended by her decision to take Rubiales to court accused her of incest while commenting on her Instagram picture where she is seen kissing her brother on his lips.

Despite the disgusting remarks on her post, the footballer not only did refuse to delete the picture, she also decided to allow her haters to keep pouring filth by not hiding their comments.

Meanwhile, the court said Rubiales will testify before the High Court in Madrid on Friday over his allegedly unsolicited kiss on the lips of World Cup winner Jenni Hermoso.

The incident, at the medal ceremony following the Spanish women’s team’s World Cup victory in Sydney, Australia, last month, unleashed a wave of indignation against sexism and macho behaviour in Spain.

Rubiales had refused demands from many players, sports bodies and politicians to quit his position as president of the Royal Spanish Football, saying he had done nothing wrong and the kiss was mutual and consensual. However, the furore did not die down and on Sunday he resigned after Hermoso lodged a criminal complaint against him. He will appear before the court at noon on Friday. The complaint by Hermoso describes how Rubiales kissed her on the mouth “without her consent” while holding her head with both hands after Spain defeated England in the women’s World Cup final on Aug. 20. The incident place in front of a global television audience.

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