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KeepTruckin layoffs: Company run by a Pakistani lets go of 18 pc workers over COVID-19 crisis

KeepTruckin, a company co-founded by a Pakistan IT Engineer Shoaib Makani, has has laid off 18% of its employees as coronavirus continues to devour human lives while bringing economic activities to a halt.

According to reports, employees of the fleet management company that builds electronic logging devices for trucking firms, were sent termination notice on March 31 in a letter signed by CEO Shoaib Makani.

According to FreightWaves, Makani said his company now has 1,550 employees.

“Our data science team has observed a 10% reduction in vehicle activity in our network over the past two weeks, with the hardest-hit regions declining by more than 20%,” Makani wrote in the letter. “If this pandemic spreads across North America, we are facing an extended quarantine that will inevitably increase churn, lower rates of new customer acquisition and cause our total annual recurring revenue to contract,” an email sent by Makani to the publication read.

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