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Kobe body found holding Gigi?

A group of deputies reportedly used their phones to take pictures of Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gigi’s bodies and the rest of the people that died in the helicopter crash right after it happened.

The American basketball legend lost his life along with his daughter Ginna and seven others in a helicopter crash in January.

One of the eight deputies are said to have tried to use the pics to impress a woman in a bar.

A lot of stories about Kobe and his daughter’s bodies’ leaked pictures from the crash site are doing the rounds on social media since the incident happened.

One of the story is that a picture showed Kobe’s body was found holding Gigi. While it is true that the pictures were leaked from the crash site, speculations about their details are not correct.

Meanwhile, Kobe’s widow Vanessa Bryant has sued L.A. County Sheriff over leaked photos of Kobe and Gianna at the crash site.

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