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Lars Thorsen: Car of the extremist who burned Quran chased and hit with another car in Norway

Oslo; Lars Thorsen, an anti-Islam extremist, burned a copy of the Holy Quran outside Oslo in Norway.

A group of people including Muslims tried to stop him from desecrating the holy book but to no avail.

A woman was seen snatching the charred copy of the Quran after climbing on a car.

Shortly after Thorsen left the scene , his car was chased and was hit by another car causing it to overturn. A man who wwas travelling in his car got injured.

Police have arrested the driver who collided his vehicle with Lars Thorsen’s car has been arrested.

The whole episode was recorded on camera.

According to the local media, Larson Thorsen is the leader of a far-right group “Stop Islamization of Norwayn (SIAN).

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