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Moon is about to collapse, claims apocalyptic preacher after NASA statement

Moon • NASA

Paul Begley, a renowned Christian preacher, thinks NAS’sA statement that moon is shrinking is an indication of moon’s collapse.

He predicts it will happen in the near future because Bible says there shall be signs in the Sun and the Moon and the Stars.

The preacher’s claim went viral on the Internet days after a NASA study said moon is shrinking like a raisin and it is causing an increase in quakes.

Begley thinks the sign is the fulfillment of Biblical prophecies.

“There was a report out yesterday the Moon is shrinking. Inside the Moon is like a raisin – they’re saying that the Moon is starting to shrink like a raisin shrinks. That internally, the core of the Moon, something is going on in there. Is the Moon about to collapse? What does that mean? The Bible says there shall be signs in the Sun and the Moon and the stars,” said Paul Begley during a recent YouTube live stream,” according to Express.co.uk.

The preacher had earlier claimed that the invasive swarm of locusts in Saudi Arabia has fulfilled Biblical prophecies.

He believes that humans are living in the end times because Biblical prophecies tied to doomsday have been fulfilled.

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