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Moscow plane fire kills 41: Russians look into Aeroflot wreckage for reasons

Moscow • Russia • Aeroflot

At least 41 people were killed after a plane caught fire in Moscow, according to local media.

Resuce workers are said to have recovered 41 bodies and two flight recorders in the wreckage of Aeroflot SSJ100.

According to reports, 78 people including five crew members were onboard the place when the incident happened on Sunday night at 6:30 pm.

Yevgeny Dietrich, Transport Minister, said the half of the survivirs were hospitalized.

The plane, according to Russian media, came down hard onto runway at Moscow’s Sheremtyevo Airport as it was landed after a trimp from Murmansk.

Videos of the incident circulating on the social media show passengers running for their lives as black smoke billowed from the front section of the aircraft.

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