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Muskan Khan:Karnataka girl who sparked ‘Allahu Akbar’ trend after harassed by a mob in India

New Delhi: A Muslim girl in India has gone viral after she confronted a Hindu right-wing mob in Karnataka.

The hijab wearing student has been identified as Muskan, a resident of Karnataka.

Refusing to be cowered down by the saffron shawls carrying mob, the student started chanting Allahu Akbar in defiance as she entered her college.

 She told India Today that she shouted Islamic slogan, Allah hu Akbar, in response to the sloganeering by a mob wearing saffron scarves when they heckled her outside the college.

“I was going to college to submit an assignment. There were some people who were not allowing me to go to the college because I was wearing a burqa. They were asking me to remove burqa and then go inside,”

Allahu Akbar became a Twitter trend after secular Indians condemned the extremist Hindus for harassing the female student.

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