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Only US tourists dying ‘mysteriously’ in Dominican Republic ?

Dominican Republic deaths

Another US tourist died in mysterious circumstances in the Dominican Republic, taking the death toll of American tourists dying on Caribbean Island to four during the last couple of months.

Death of Robert Bell Wallace, 67, had the alarms bell ringing for millions of US tourists who flock to the Island every year.

While he was the fourth US citizen to die in “mysterious circumstances” in the Dominican Republic, it was not immediately clear whether tourists from other countries has also died “mysteriously”.

US authorities also remain silent over the cause of deaths. Tens of Thousands of British tourists also visit the Island but there was no complaints from the UK.

According to reports, Mr Wallace became sick and urinated blood after he had one whisky from his room minibar at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Punta Cana.

His death comes after three other US tourist died in their rooms in mysterious circumstances.

One of them was identified as Schaup Wener, 41, a resident of Pennsylvania who died on May 25 after she allegedly had a drink from her minibar at the Bahia Principe La Romana.

An engaged couple belonging to Maryland died in their hotel room. They were identified as Edward Holmes, 64 and Cynthia Day, 49.

Local authorities said the couple died of naturcal causes.

Mr Wallace who died recently was in the Dominican Republic to attend wedding of his step son.

Authorities had not given the cause of detah.

According to The Sun, a woman who stayed at the Bahia Principe this week claimed that she vomited blood after drinking a 7-UP from her minibar.

The resort apologized and offered her and her boyfriend a meal and a massage.

In a statement on the Grupo Pinero website the company that owns the hotel said: “In regards to the two unfortunate events that took place in the Dominican Republic, and after inaccurate and false information has been spread, Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts would like to express our deep respect to the authorities and the ongoing investigations.

“We reiterate our firm commitment to collaborating completely with the authorities and hope for a prompt resolution of their inquiries and actions and will not be making any further statements that may interfere with them.

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