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Pakistani man delivers expletive-laden speech against Abhinandan at a rally

Pakistan on Saturday marked the anniversary of Operation Swift Retort which saw PAF bring down an Indian fighter jet on February 27, 2019.

The Pakistan Air Force released a song to commemorate the day while it also released an unseen video of Indian pilot Abhinandan Verthaman who was captured after his aircraft was shoot down in Azad Kashmir.

Hundreds of users shared memes as “Tea Is Fantastic” became trend on Pakistani Twitter.

One of them posted a video of a man who is seen addressing a crowd at a public place days after the PAF had captured Abhinandan. In the , throwback video apparently shot at a market, the unnamed man is seen and heard delivering an profanity-laden speech. While most of the people criticized the man for using foul language, others found it funny and said people of both the countries express their anger in the same way.

While most of Pakistanis celebrated what they saw the victory over India, there were some who praised the Indian pilot for his professionalism.

“Conduct of Abhinandan on the 27th Feb was very professional & soldierlike. He could refuse to give these statements because Pak Army can’t coerce the POW to give statements in their favor. Yet he acknowledged and appreciated the way he was kept & treated,” wrote a user sharing Abhinandan’s video recorded in PAF custody.

Another user said,

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