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MKMKB memes targeting Pakistan evidence of low moral standards in India

PKMKB memes were triggered by social media users in India following the Pulwama attack

A wave of blind patriotism has swept through Indian middle classes after Pulwama attack in Occupied Kashmir that killed over 40 paramilitary soldiers last week, with a section of local media fanning anti-Pakistan sentiments without realizing hyperbolic statements can eliminate prospects of peace between the two nuclear armed neighbors.

PKMKB, an acronym derived from an inappropriate local phrase used to disrespect mother of one’s opponent, has flooded the internet targeting Pakistan.

While Pakistan has refused to give in to provocation, hawks in India have put every sane voice into silence.

Ever since the attack took place in Occupied Kashmir, a section of local media has blamed Pakistan without coming with a tiny bit of evidence, demanding Indian government to teach a lesson to Islamabad for its support for Kashmiris.

On the other hand, anyone who has attempted to drive some sense into zealots has faced unprecedented attacks from elements who blame Pakistan for everything that goes wrong in India.

Senior  journalist Barkha Dutt and politician Navjot Singh Sidhu are among  those Indians who have come under attack for they have long criticized their government  for one reason or another on a rang of issues including the way it has been handling the issue of Kashmir.

“I had close to 1000 abusive message and calls in a coordinated and violent mob attack. These included a message to shoot me, a nude photo, many sexually abusive messages. I outed the men who did this. Twitter locked me till many of the details were taken down,” wrote Barkha Dutt on Twitter.

In another Tweet, which was later deleted, the journalist posted a picture of male genitals sent to her by a man “in the name of nationalism”.

Sidhu was fired from Kapil Sharma Show and when the host opposed  the TV management’s decision to remove him Sharma also came under attack.

Some social media groups allegedly run by extremists have stooped to the level of encouraging youth to abuse Pakistan in video messages and memes using hashtag   # PKMKB.

The memes and videos containing the PKMKB messages contain the filthy language against Pakistan that no one with basic moral values can approve of.

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